Hydro-Thermal’s history of Hydroheater innovation

Hydro-Thermal takes great pride in its history of product innovation and industry expertise.

Over the past decade, Hydro-Thermal has installed over 450 Hydroheaters in food and beverage processing facilities in 21 countries around the world. 

Our staff has presented for a variety of local and nation food organizations including the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), California League of Food Processors (CLFP), and Midwest Food Processors Association (MWFPA).  Several staff members have previous experience working in food and beverage manufacturing with specialties ranging from a Master Brewer to an expert in pasteurization/ anti-microbial for cheese production.

Our engineering staff consists of 15 brilliant minds that span a variety of specialties including fluid, electrical, mechanical and design engineers. They have formed strategic research partnerships with our customers, leading Midwestern universities, research associations and independent R&D engineering firms, to constantly evolve our products and inspire new product development.

Culinary steam injection heating utilizing the Hydroheater

No matter what your industry or application Hydro-Thermal’s heating solutions will assure you savings energy costs, maintenance down-time, and more.  

With instantaneous hot water where you need it, our products are ideal for anywhere maintaining a minimum temperature is critical or that you need reliable, immediate hot water.

COOKING/ HOT FILL/ ASEPTIC We can heat a variety of products from baby food to tomato paste specifically to your recipe without fouling or degradation of the product. The result is great tasting product, consistent batches, a bacteria-free environment and ultimately cost savings. Click here to learn more:

Hydro-Thermal's solution offers processors the flexibility to batch or continuous cook, including cooking to package directly. Our heaters also have the ability to heat liquid in high perticulate products such as salsa while maintaining perticulate integrity.

ON DEMAND COOKING Hydro-Thermal understands the importance of a consistent product after each and every batch. Therefore, we developed the SilverLine, a continuous, polished stainless system designed to cook recipes exactly as specified. Click here to learn more:

There are a variety of benefits to utilizing the SilverLine compared to heat exchangers or kettles including energy efficiency, reduced footprint, low maintenance, and recipe versatility. To learn more about the SilverLine and its capabilities, go to http://silverlinefoodequipment.com/

PASTEURIZATION From tunnel pasteurizers, retorts, to HTST and UHT pasteurization standards, Hydro-Thermal has the right solution.Click here to learn more:

Our heaters and systems will kill microorganisms ensuring product safety and reducing the risk of a recall. Whether heating dairy products, soups, and everything in between, we have the experience and knowledge to pasteurize your product safely and effectively.

CAN TOPPING Cans or jars are automatically filled with product and then topped off with a brine or water solution at very specific temperatures (typically (185-190ºF). Click here to learn more:

By heating the brine to exact temperatures, Hydro-Thermal’s solutions can kill bacteria and increase shelf life. With health concerns, FDA recalls over E-coli and other bacterial contamination, meeting exact temperature requirements for sanitization and pasteurization is critical in the canning process.

STARCH COOKING Bloom starches without excessive shear to maintain viscosity. Click here to learn more:

Hydro-Thermal’s solution helps expand starch molecules to stir and thicken product. This reaction also helps provide texture and prevent separation, while eliminating the concern of scaling and fouling which is common among kettles and heat exchangers. Maintaining a constant pressure drop across our heaters will optimize shear, mixing characteristics, and overall performance efficiency. Adjustments can be made to maintain the optimal pressure drop during operation even as process conditions change. This is done by adjusting the size of the gap between the combining tube and nozzle.

INGREDIENT WATER OR TANK HEATING Easily and efficiently heats tanks on in-feed or in recirc mode, trim heat. Click here to learn more:

We can heat the fluid going into the tank; re-circulate the tank to maintain a specific temperature, or leave the tank cold and heat the liquid exiting the tank, producing hot water on demand. Hydro-Thermal’s solution can be used for utility or 3A sanitary ingredient water. By heating to exact temperatures, processors have greater recipe control ensuring a consistent product. Many customers see a return on investment (ROI) in less than three months.

EMERSION COOKING (COOK IN A BAG) Ensure exact temperature and eliminate steam loss utilizing our proven gentle, but effective heating method. Click here to learn more:

Emersion cooking requires precise temperature. If the temperature is too high then the bag may burst or the product may be overcooked. If the temperature is too low then the product won't be properly cooked causing time and production delays. Hydro-Thermal's solution can heat within +/- 1 degree F (0.5 degree C) improving product quality. In addition, manufacturers can eliminate tank shaking and tank damage which is common among spargers.

WASTEWATER/ANAEROBIC DIGESTION Realize major cost savings with precise temperature control to aid anaerobic digestion, keeping microorganisms at 100F to optimize effectiveness and drive more methane gas to power boilers. Click here to learn more:

Hydro-Thermal's patented designs are able to handle highly viscous slurries without burn on, plugging, or fouling found with other solutions. In addition, companies can achieve thousands of dollars in energy savings by reusing the waste in their plants and utilizing it to heat or power their facility.

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Additional information on Hydro-Thermal’s culinary steam injection technology

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